1.Publish your advertisement for free if you are an individual owner

If you are a individual owner, advertise 3 properties for sale and/or rent for free for a year and update them freeely with no cost.
You can add 20 properties per property
The additional cost for more than 3 properties is 1€ for each additional property for individual owners

2.Mensual Bonus

If you want to publish ALL of your property portfolio for the best price and properties are for sale, rent or both.
The mensual bonus has a duration of 30 days, advertise for unlimited properties and may be renewed for the months of interest
PROMOTION: register your agency and you can enjoy 1 month free and without obligation. Upload all the properties you want

3.Highlight a property with URGENT SALE/URGENT RENT

logotipo_urge_propiedad logotipo_urge_propiedad
Highlight your listing compared to the other with the logo "URGENT SALE / RENT". Choose which properties need to be highlighted.
You will get more visibility and better results